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"All human beings are limbs of each other
having been created of one essence.
When time afflicts a limb with pain
the other limbs cannot at rest remain.
If thou feel not for other’s misery,
a human being is no name for thee
(great Iranian poet C.1210-1290)
Having started my spiritual path 35 years ago, and having learned from such great teachers as Gerjeff, Spinoza and Krishnamurte, I acquired intellectual tools to enhance consciousness and inner growth.  However, being emotionally driven, I found that intellectual tools were not able to help me truly delve into the subconscious and use my  mind/body relationship to go from one level of consciousness to another.

This is where hypnotherapy has helped me to regress into feelings, adjust my bodily functions, improve my understanding, transform my imagination into results and start to bring my inner harmony together.  Specifically, the changes I have been able to accomplish are; lowering of my blood pressure, improvement of my relationships with women, spending money more wisely, sever my attachment to material things, give  myself emotional self protection, sharpen my intuitions, experience the moment, appreciate beauty, use the power of my imagination to overcome my problems and come closer to my center balance. 

In my opinion, if you really want to fine tune your life, I would suggest a good hypnotherapist and I feel that Parviz is one of the best.  The reason is that he is responsible for putting me in touch with all  of the above.  I am thankful and appreciative of his understanding and his approach to helping others help themselves.

~ Tim Hamilton B.S.B.A., Teacher, Driller, Husband/Father, Motivator, Athlete, Builder, Mechanic, Farmer
Parviz Shafaghi and I have worked together since July 2002 to provide direct services to people with a wide variety of mental health illnesses.  I observed Parviz helping others with gentle, compassionate regard for their dignity at all times.  I admired his humble willingness to share his expertise with anyone interested in improving their own skills and knowledge of the mental health field.

In June of 2005 Parviz was asked to give a demonstration on deep relaxation therapy at our staff meeting.  Parviz and I had discussed the benefits of deep relaxation and hypnosis often.  I was familiar with his procedure and I had observed the results of his sessions.  Parviz had earned my trust and respect.  I decided to allow myself this opportunity to fight my personal battle with depression.  I have been on and off medication for depression since 1987.  I suffered through the side affects of different antidepressants with a minimum of positive results.  I had finally met a therapist I knew I could trust.  I gave myself permission to benefit from the therapy.  I chose to let go of my sadness.  Awakening from the session, I felt relief.  I was able to breathe without experiencing the tension and heaviness that had become “normal” for me.  I knew something had changed.  Over the next couple of weeks, I was surprised to discover myself talking about this experience with my friends.  I felt more relaxed.  I did not feel the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness that prevented me from taking any action to change my circumstances.  I found my voice and began to speak up for myself again.  I am free from oppressive depression to examine the issues that created the depression.  I still have moments of sadness and tears, however, I am no longer overwhelmed by helplessness or without hope.  Depression had kept me from taking action of any sort for a long time.  Time had allowed me to find a Therapist I could trust.  Let Parviz Shafaghi help you resolve your problems.

My gratitude, Cynthia - Fairfield, CA
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Mr. & Mrs. Parviz,

I just wanted to send you a letter of thanks for your services and what you offer to us the community.  Words are not enough.  When I first considered speaking with you, honestly I had my hesitations and reservations. I was not sure if I could trust you...if this would work out for me.....I did not have understanding of what hypnotherapy really was. I had heard of things said of the conscious and subconscious and dealing with the real core issues that are keeping us stuck in the same habits that we have been trying to get rid of for decades. I found myself trying and trying and trying and discouraged and depressed and hopeless wondering if I will ever be able to change these patterns.  I was a good I could not figure it out.        

The biggest revelation I had was that...the changes that we are looking for at the deeper levels...where we find ourselves stuck and don’t know why, do not come from determination and discipline.  Our behaviors come from “our belief systems” that we have had in our subconscious minds that are created through life experience that cause us to interpret life in a certain light. I came from an environment that was degrading, cruel, abusive, controlling and much more.  And so that created in me a sense of unworthiness, rejection, lack of confidence, anger, etc.  So to cope with all these feelings, my way of coping was food. Since I have been to your practice I have lost 20 pounds, I have felt so much happier, I do not react in anger or short tempered anymore, I am more relaxed, think clearer, and feel more centered.  It is kind of like when you need to go to the chiropractor and you get adjusted and feel good and the pain goes away!  That is what it’s like here... you feel so much better and the pain goes away.                                                                                                                          

What relief...what freedom of not having to try and try and try with all that I had in me...on my own efforts to keep failing, trying to quit compulsively eating.  It was what was stored in my subconscious mind that was driving my behavior.  When you want to quit something, or even want to do something but you have internal brakes or can’t get unstuck....that is the subconscious.  That is exactly what Mr. Parviz @ Parviz Hypnotherapy addresses.  These behaviors did not make me a bad was my silent cry of desperation and my way of coping with my pain.      

I have now accepted the things about myself that I rejected, love and appreciate who God made me to be and am not cruel to myself anymore.  I was my worst enemy...I didn’t need any enemies, it took care of that abuse myself with the things I believed and said to myself day in and day out.  When someone has abused do not feel worthy of love, kindness, or any other good things life has to offer. It is hard to accept compliments because the picture we have of ourselves rejects the heartfelt kind words others say.  We want to accept them but don’t know how. We don’t absorb it...  and what makes it even worse is that we so desperately want to.

I was in such a sad space.  Married to a wonderful husband for 17 years and could not absorb the love and compliments he tried to give me....It was an internal prison.  I wanted to get out but did not know how.  That right the subconscious and that is where the hypnotherapy took what I tried to do for years of therapy and counseling  and took care of it in a number of sessions.  Normal therapy has it’s place,...but there comes a point where intellectualizing things that are deeply rooted only takes you only so far.    There were some things that I was able to clear immediately and others took more time.. All in was so worth it.  I would do it ten times over to feel the way I do today.  I am forever changed.  I feel good on the inside...with love, acceptance, peace, joy, and personal freedom on the inside.  The trying and trying and trying and failing and failing is over.  Thank you again.  Words are not enough. There is no price tag you could ever put on internal freedom to be who you really are and love it.  Everything changes for the better because everything is connected.  I am so glad I faced my fears and hesitations and did not let them stop me.  I hope that any other person contemplating or reading my testimony would make the decision to give yourself the chance to experience becoming free from the things that have kept you stuck.  You are so worth it.  Life doesn’t have to feel like a heavy load you are carrying on your back.  This is a safe place with Mr. and Mrs. Parviz.  Don’t second guess it.  Do deserve the freedom that was intended for you to experience.  I promise you... this is an experience of a lifetime. 

From my heart to yours,

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