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Some have called this the "Age of Anxiety," and there is considerable justification for doing so.  The demands placed on each person today in order to live effectively are more numerous and more complex than at any other time in the past.  Personal safety, a core issue in anxiety, is uncertain when acts of terrorism can occur at any time in any place.  Just as soon as we get used to one technological advance, it becomes obsolete, requiring us to readjust.  Traditional values holding society together have been and are continuing to deteriorate, emphasizing individualism and personal gain over social responsibility, and making even the most important relationships seem only transient.  Gender roles are much less specific, and committed marital and family relationships are taking second place to making strategic career moves, confounding many people trying to figure out how to make their relationships work.  Finding work and staying employed is a more demanding and complex task than ever before as people matter less to companies than does the company's "bottom line," threatening economic security.  The number of potential sources of stress in our lives keeps growing, and most people will struggle with these issues to one degree or another at some point in their lives.

Stress and anxiety are inevitable whenever someone faces a circumstance that requires adapting.  Stress cannot be prevented, only managed, because life throws all kinds of things at each of us.  But, as often as not, stress isn't generated by external circumstances, it's generated by unrealistic expectations (such as perfectionism", a need for things to be orderly and predictable when too little of life is that way, or any of a variety of ways people torment themselves with their own internal issues.  Hypnosis can be used to address any and all of these sorts of issues, teaching more realistic thinking, greater flexibility, and better problem-solving skills.

Hypnosis in its most superficial yet still helpful application in managing anxiety can help one build relaxation skills and an increased sense of self-control.  Teaching clients the skill of self-hypnosis (hypnotic inductions and utilizations they can perform on themselves whenever they'd like to) is a necessary part of using hypnosis in the clinical contexts.  Simply knowing you have the ability to relax deeply and reorganize your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can have a powerful effect in helping you better manage stress and anxiety.  Managing anxiety effectively allows for better concentration, clearer thinking and problem-solving, better self-esteem, better time management, better job performance greater receptivity to new ideas, and better just about everything.
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